Our objective for every student and every teacher to have appropriate instructional materials for teaching and learning. The highest priority is to work together to ensure that every student has access to the core curriculum through appropriate instructional materials.

Portland Public Schools is guided by the following criteria to purchase instructional materials and tools aligned to the Common Core State Standards. We invite you to complete the Instructional Resources Intake Survey (IRIS) with these requirements noted.

Vendor Criteria and Requirements

Portland Public Schools strongly endorses the Section 508 Standards for Electronic and Information Technology as developed by the United States Access Board to support technology use for people with disabilities. It is our expectation that any proposed software, hardware, or web-mediated solution sufficiently addresses the fundamental elements within The Section 508 Standards.

As part of the the Council for Great City Schools (CGCS), Portland Public Schools is using the Common Core State Standards Publishers’ Criteria for English Language Arts, Literacy and Mathematics. The criteria is designed to guide publishers and curriculum developers as they work to ensure alignment with the Common Core State Standards. The links to the criteria are included for your reference.

English Language Arts:



Portland Public School's Equity Policy has three primary goals:

  • Increase the District’s contracting dollars spent with businesses owned by people of color, women-owned businesses and emerging small businesses.
  • Boost the numbers of women and minorities in the construction trades through apprenticeship opportunities on school district public improvement contracts.
  • See greater numbers of young women and young people of color in career learning programs.

Please review Portland Public Schools Equity in Public Purchasing and Contracting http://www.pps.k12.or.us/files/board/8_50_095_P.pdf

The policy includes expectations that district contractors, particularly on larger contracts, create career learning opportunities with a focus on engaging students of color and young women.

PPS Equity Policy

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