General Education Bus Schedule


PPS Student Transportation department will make every effort to update this schedule nightly (by 6 p.m.) as we modify routes and bus assignments until they settle into October or as needed throughout the year. Routes change to accommodate the following, but not limited to, seasonal weather, timing due to traffic and construction, and vehicle capacity. Every effort will be made to give notice of stop or time changes through the school and via handouts on the buses.

Schedule is for the regular school year starting September and ending June. Summer school routes are not posted. New Fall updates are typically posted late August. Review the date the schedule was last updated.

After you select your School to display your stops, times, and route number you have the option to perform advanced Grouping and Sorting of your schedule information. You do not have to activate this functionality if you don’t want to view your information in a different format or experiment with the information.

The schedule information can be Grouped or Sorted by Stop Description and/or Snow Stop Description and/or Bus Route #. The Grouping is activated by selecting and dragging the column header text box (Bus Route #) to the blue grouping bar. Sorting by a column (Stop Time) can be activated or deactivated by clicking on the header text box.

  • Please have your students at the stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled stop time.
  • Please refer to the Student Transportation Service Guidelines if you have any questions or concerns. Guidelines
  • Schedule was last updated 5/9/2019
Drag header(s), except Stop Time, here for grouping.
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