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Inclement Weather Snow Routes and Snow Stops

Not all Regular Bus Routes have a need for alternative snow stop locations, snow routing, or alternative stop times.

Your school and regular bus route will ONLY be shown below if you have a contingency snow route.

Review the School page to find your Regular Stop Description and Bus Route #. If listed then utilize the stop location described in the Snow Stop Description field. Be sure to utilize the alternative stop time listed in the Snow Stop Time field as it may be different than your normal stop time. Please show early to your stop to accommodate any weather related traffic issues.

After you select your School to display your stops, times, and route number you have the option to perform advanced Grouping and Sorting of your schedule information. You do not have to activate this functionality if you don’t want to view your information in a different format or experiment with the information.

The schedule information can be Grouped or Sorted by Stop Description and/or Snow Stop Description and/or Bus Route #. The Grouping is activated by selecting and dragging the column header text box (Bus Route #) to the blue grouping bar. Sorting by a column (Stop Time) can be activated or deactivated by clicking on the header text box.

Important Change for 2015-2016. Snow routes and alternative stops will be called for AM or PM or both depending upon the road conditions or weather forecast. Please pay close attention to additional District announcements through out the day for changes. District decisions made after the initial call with be updated to the same media outlets.

  • Please refer to the Student Transportation Service Guidelines if you have any questions or concerns. Guidelines
  • Schedule was last updated 3/11/2019
Want to group the data? Drag the Stop Description and/or Snow Stop Description and/or Bus Route # to this blue bar.
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